Canteen management system project report pdf

It is common for Offices, Factories, Call Centres, Hostels, Schools, Clubs and Hospitals to operate their own cafeterias for their employees and students. However, managing the cafeteria menu, attendance and consumption is a challenging process. Manual and paper based processes are cumbersome and error-prone, leading to inaccuracies and wastage of time and material. A canteen management system is essential for keeping track of food consumption.

Java, JSP And MySQL Project on Canteen Management System

Matrix offers a cafeteria management software that tracks item-wise food consumption and also for a group of users. Different menus can be planned for breakfast, lunch, dinner, special days and different occasions. Matrix biometric cafeteria management software allows post-paid and pre-paid accounting options for users to make cafeteria process cashless.

Pre-paid account users have to recharge their smart cards in advance before ordering. On the other hand, post-paid users can use any credential including fingerprint, proximity card or smart card to order food. In both the methods, the amount is debited in the user account without any monetary transaction. Cafeteria Management allows tracking menu items, speedy transactions and prevents accounting errors. This canteen management system allows users to select menu items from any android device.

The user interface ensures ease in selection of items. This prevents queue and reduces cafeteria transaction time. Please submit following details. We will soon contact you to meet your needs with suitable solutions! Thank you for sharing feedback about Matrix, We will connect with you to further improve your experience with Matrix.

canteen management system project report pdf

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All rights reserved.Canteen Management System. Integrated with SAP. This document discusses the system study details conducted at canteen of AlSalama Group. The document covers the details and requirements for implementing the same. I have completed a system study at Al Salama Canteen to come up with a software solution to manage the canteen with the objective of improving overall management efficiency, stocking, reporting, accountability and an improved online process backed by information technology.

To manage the canteen in a single platform. To bring in more improvement in process and systems. Overall accountability, control on canteen staff, stock monitoring, and generate.

To increase the quality of the canteen and reduce food wastage. To minimize the mismanagement. Current Software in use.

canteen management system project report pdf

No software is using. No stock updating. Currently Management of Operations. All the activities through offline mode. Purchase request through offline mode. No online platform for checking stock details, accounts and sales reports. Lack of stock and sales collection monitoring. Suggested Solution. The proposed solution is a combination of SAP.You seem to have CSS turned off.

Canteen Management System

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canteen management system project report pdf

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X You seem to have CSS turned off. Briefly describe the problem required :. Upload screenshot of ad required :. Sign Up No, Thank you.It bridges the gap between canteen and its usage with an added advantage of going paperless through use of biometric based, card based and app based solutions. This helps in doing away from coupons and its distribution to employees.

Spectra CMS helps in simplifying operations by being multi user system and by passing the benefit to users in discreet manner based on company policies on eligibility. It is easy to install, run and maintain. The system gives employees, vendors, items or departments wise consumption for collecting the employee share, payment of vendor and charging the department for its consumption. Our Biometric Canteen Management System has resulted in savings not only in effort and money but has reduced the manipulation by some vendors also.

Lastly our system has resulted in saving in the wastages in canteen reducing the wastage of fast depleting but precious resources of the society. It bridges the gap between the canteen and its usage, in a smart and effective manner.

It ensures trouble-free transactions to maintain cafeteria usage accurately with an added advantage of going paperless. Hence, in the ever changing technology landscape, we have everything you look for - constant innovations, stringent quality control and relentless accuracy.

Automated Canteen Ordering System using Android

This has helped us immensely in developing in-depth holistic solution for each application catering to industry specific challenges. Dedicated team to support the partners and the end users to ensure timely resolution of queries making our offering not only product specific but also service centric.

Canteen Management System. Upgrade to a Smarter Biometric Canteen Management System The Canteen Management System to increase transaction speed and eliminate long employee queues during peak hours. Flexible Menu Options items master for Menu at each time zone.

Employee Benefits Each employees contribution can be linked directly to the consumption which otherwise becomes a challenging task for large organizations. Employee wise utilization summary report System gives very good idea of consumption and can result in better planning at the vendor ensuring no shortage of food or excessive wastage Cashless transaction can be used without the challenge of change or forgetting wallet at desk or home Employees can be guarded against the manipulation from the vendors Get Demo.

Discuss Requirement Get Free Demo. Reports with grouping on Employees, Departments, Vendors, Items and etc. Preference for quantity selection to Employees or to Guests or to both. Easy export of reports to MS Excel. Configure multiple reader connections Employee access on the selected reader for particular time-zone period only Access to only those items which are selected in the current time zone Integration with payroll software for deductions at month end.

BioScribe 3S. UniStamp 3 S.We will provide to student dot net programming examples of the project. The main aim of this project Canteen management system is to provide fast services to their company employees by using their records which has been saved.

It manages information about Food, Orders, Canteen, Food. In this system customers can easily check their account status, services which they have taken and bills which they paid and due amount details, if there is any for their account. This is vb basic codes which student can easily configure it and learn a lot from these. We will provide vb project free download with database. I have also attached the screens and the demo video of the project Canteen Management System below the description, look into the it for more clarifiaction of the project.

The main objective of this module is provide all the functionality related to employee. It tracks all the information of the employee.

canteen management system project report pdf

Features of Employee Module:. The main aim for developing this module is to manage the item. This item module is the main module in this project Canteen Management System which has been developed on VB. So all item will be managed by admin. Features of Item Module:. The main objective for developing this module is to manage the stock. So all stock will be managed by admin. Features of Stock Module:.

The main aim of this module is provide all the functionality realted to sales. It tracks all the information and details of the sales. Features of Sales Module:. View the discussion thread. Canteen Management System. I have also attached the screens and the demo video of the project Canteen Management System below the description, look into the it for more clarifiaction of the project Modules and Description of Canteen Management System sales: Employee Module : The main objective of this module is provide all the functionality related to employee.

Features of Employee Module: Admin can add new employee records Admin can see the list of employee details Only admin can edit and update the record of the employee Admin will be able to delete the records of the employee All employee forms are validated on client side using JavaScript Item Module : The main aim for developing this module is to manage the item.

Features of Sales Module: Admin can add new sales Admin can see the list of sales details Only admin can edit and update the record of the sales Admin will be able to delete the records of the sales All sales forms are validated on client side using JavaScript Functionality performed by Project Canteen Management System: These are the functionality performed by the Project.

Canteen Management System

Operating System : We can run this project only on windows operating system. Related Tags:. Canteen Management System Project. Leave this field blank. Cost and Technology Project Title. MySQL Projects. Project Title. These softwares are not suitable for any of the business requriements. View Screens. View Synopsis. View Report.To browse Academia.

Skip to main content. Log In Sign Up. Stanley Wangeci. I wish to extend my gratitude to all those who contributed greatly by their support and above all making my project successful. My gratitude goes to Mr. Mavindu and Mr. My colleagues who were brave enough to take risk by participating in the research so that I could have first hand information. Finally, the ultimate responsibility of writing this project was entirely mine and will welcome suggestions and criticism.

Cafeteria management system will have the ability to create a food menu items, create a desktop application that will generate orders, generate bill slips and store the purchased products for preparing the meals and calculate the output after selling the meals and show the difference per cost of the different dishes i.

The cafeteria management system will allow the department head to access into system and know which meals will be served any day, who is preparing. The application will be accessed from a browser from anywhere. It has a rich heritage dating back to the colonial times when the white settlers established it to be their choice for accommodation and entertainment. Located within Nyeri town Centre, this hotel affords easy access to the town's administration offices, banks and other social amenities.

This newly refurbished hotel has an enviable reputation for its friendly service, comfort and bespoke elegance. The newly refurbished hotel now offers modern facilities that meet the customers every day needs, the eleven tastefully furnished rooms, 3 restaurants, 3 bars, 2 conference rooms and a large well manicured lawn are a true testimony of the artistic refurbishment. Dining at The White Rhino Hotel is just one of the pleasures to experience here with a selection of dishes prepared by the Head Chef renowned for his fine food and imaginative cuisine.

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The white Rhino hotel. White Rhino remains one of the most preferable Hotels in Central parts of Kenya, meaning more customers flow in everyday and the numbers keep increasing day by day. Work load has also increased and expectations of customers flowing in the hotel are so high.Admin can create different type of reports of Canteen,Sales,Orders,Items,Food according to their choise and filters.

View the discussion thread. Canteen Management System. Posted By phpprojectz on August 28, Frontend:. Functionalities and their descriptions of Canteen Management System are as follows: You can search records on various criterias. All the Sales,Products, Items modules has their unique record ID for fast transactions and searching Editing, adding and updating of Records is improved which results in proper resource management of Canteen data.

The entity Products, Items has binded with Canteen, Sales entities with foreign key There is one-to-one and one-to-many relationships available between Items, Orders, Food, Canteen All the entities Canteen, Items, Products, Food are normalized and reduce duplicacy of records We have implemented indexing on each tables of Canteen Management System tables for fast query execution. Login to Download. Leave this field blank.

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